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wayne pepper, Wayne Pepper Consulting
Photo credit: Evan Mulling

Who’s Wayne Pepper?

Removing Roadblocks so Creative Teams Can Flourish

For the past 30 years, Wayne has worked within both the consulting and creative industries. His current clients in the worlds of filmed entertainment, broadcasting, advertising, and visual effects consistently experience profound, significant, and lasting results from his work. While his consultancy now focuses on creative organizations, he has also been engaged by Fortune 100 clients from commerce, government, and education.

Wayne held a senior position for nine years at the David Allen Company, speaking and consulting using the Getting Things Done® approach to productivity. For 15 years prior, Wayne worked within the entertainment and marketing worlds, holding account management and content creation roles at 20th Century Fox, Creative Artists Agency, Grey Advertising, and IGN Entertainment. During his tenure with those organizations, he was given a first-hand look into how the right structure can make all the difference in a creative setting.

Some of My Clients

wayne pepper, Wayne Pepper Consulting
wayne pepper, Wayne Pepper Consulting
wayne pepper, Wayne Pepper Consulting
wayne pepper, Wayne Pepper Consulting
wayne pepper, Wayne Pepper Consulting
wayne pepper, Wayne Pepper Consulting

“Wayne was an invaluable asset to our team. He provided insight and keen perspective into how we can work better together”

-Robert Downey Jr. & Susan Downey

“Wayne’s gift is his ability to help you clarify your vision, then showing you the simple, practical steps necessary to make that vision a reality. I’ve been amazed at how much more I’ve accomplished since working with Wayne.”

-Brad Falchuk, Writer/Producer “Glee”, “American Horror Story”

“Wayne brought us some new perspectives and helped us focus our efforts

-Christian Jacobsen, Founding Partner The Many Agency

“Wayne helps me see the forest from the trees.”

-Simone Kraus Townsend, Founder TRIXTER

“You can see Wayne’s passion for bringing value to clients from the way he engages with them. His caring and creative approach makes for a dynamic and meaningful experience.”

-David Allen, Best-selling author “Getting Things Done”

“Wayne uses humor, patience and superhero active listening to truly understand his clients and get at the core of what’s holding our productivity back.”

-Michelle Sullivan, VP National Geographic

“Wayne was instrumental in helping me laser focus on the most important things in the ever-changing world of corporate life.  The process we created together provided the tools necessary for me to balance work and home life to make me be a better manager, leader, husband, and father.  My only regret is not having found Wayne much earlier in life.”

-Brian Harvey, Director, Developer Relations at Intel Corporation

“Wayne Pepper is a riveting speaker. When he spoke to my project management class at the Art Institute of Houston – he floored everyone in the room. What is important to understand about Wayne Pepper is that he is a great teacher who is passionate about productivity and his enthusiasm is infectious. If you get him as a personal coach or speaker, you are truly lucky!!!”

-Jason Spencer, Adjunct Instructor, School of Architecture, Prairie View A&M University


Below are some answers to commonly asked questions. If you still have questions, I will be happy to answer them during our introductory 30-minute consult meeting.

I have worked both in the creative world and the consulting world for 30 years.

I have first-hand knowledge of the issues that creative teams face and have been bringing my consulting background to those issues for the past 16 years.

Teams report that they work better together, with less drama, more joy and fun. We usually receive this feedback directly from the team after implementing this work. We also run surveys before and after when we need to assess results in specific areas.

Creative teams are similar to other teams in that everyone benefits from clear communication and a supportive, rich culture. Creative teams thrive even more on that culture, but are often less eager to embrace new structures and processes, so they need the value of those structures and processes demonstrated and proven.

Absolutely yes. While face to face interaction offers the richest form of communication, virtual meetings are easier to schedule and can speed the consulting process.

If you work it, yes. Remember that culture is a living breathing entity, it needs to be cared for and nourished.

wayne pepper, Wayne Pepper Consulting
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